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Keep your pool safe, clean and efficient with our routine pool cleaning and maintenance services. Guaranteeing a clean environment is our objective, so choose only the best in the industry. Although reliability and quality are the two main reasons why you should hire us, we are also certified, understand the local rules and regulations well and can take on all needed renovations and repairs that may come up.

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Our services are mainly categorized into two: pool opening services and on-going pool maintenance services

Pool opening services We offer the following services prior to pool opening:

• Removal and storage of pool covers

• Inspecting inventory and equipment• Premise, plumbing and pool inspections• Acid cleaning and draining of the pool

• Reclamation of pool water

• Advise owner of any required repairs

• Advise on efficiency solutions or upgrades
On-going pool maintenance services Our daily services include the following:

• Vacuuming and brushing the pool

• Cleaning skimmers baskets as well as waterline tiles

• Back washing filtration system

• Monitoring, testing and adjusting water to recommended standards• Inspecting the filtration equipment

• Filling the water to its right level

• Removing all garbage on the on-site facility

If you have special requirements such as fountain cleaning, special one-time cleaning or multiple cleaning every week due to debris, we often work hard to design out services to your requirements, creating an ideal pool service that keeps your pool clean throughout the year. We can perform these services as many times as you want each week, or just perform that one single task that you cannot do.

Pool Service & Maintenance Calabasas 1WHY TO CHOOSE US FOR POOL SERVICE IN CALABASAS?

1. Immediate use of your pool Hiring our services to maintain your pool on a daily, weekly, monthly or as often as you deem it necessary can bring back the memories of your vacation. If you wish to go off from a tiring day at work and need to take a relaxing dip there is no need to think about skimming, shocking or vacuuming the pool beforehand. In addition, it is simpler to host events as well as parties if you pool is always ready for use.

2. Peace of mind Through investing in regular maintenance and cleaning of your pool, you ensure that we take care of your swimming pool. You don’t need to worry that your pool might not be safe, it isn’t functioning well or its condition is deteriorating.
3. Safe pool Safety is another benefit you can enjoy when you hire us to service your pool. Your swimming pool needs to be safe to avoid endangering the lives of family member with a dangerous swimming facility. When you ignore frequent pool maintenance, dangerous pathogens and other microorganisms may live in your pool and thus put your friends and family at risk.

According to SLVHealth.org, unmaintained or poorly maintained swimming pool water can put vital pumps and machinery at risk of improper functioning and cost lots of dollar to repair them. Failing to use qualified pool services and ignoring precautionary measures might affect your confidence in your pool. On the contrary, hiring us ensures that your swimming pool is safe and a good place to enjoy your leisure time.

4. Lots of free timeIn general life is very short – subtract a few hours of cleaning your pool and you will be left with close to zero time for enjoyment. Proper pool maintenance requires a lot of time commitment; if you rush the process, the cleanliness and quality of the swimming pool will probably suffer as a result. Therefore, hiring people with the right skill, experience and time is the only way to guarantee the quality and cleanliness of your facility.

5. Reducing your stress, there is no doubt that hiring us to help will mean more time enjoying by your poolside and less time skimming. If your facility is only open limited months during the year, it is very important you spend this time with family and friends making great memories. We can always do weekly checks on the water level, vacuum, empty filter baskets and even complete other pool related jobs. If hiring us to maintain your swimming pool provides the chance for less stress and it is affordable then try us today.

6. Maintain water balance and filtration One of the main jobs of good swimming pool maintenance services is testing and regulating water in the pool and ensuring proper filtration. These are important aspects of pool services because pool water that is out of balance or not being filtered well can be dangerous to those using it.

7. On-hand assistance Our pool service firm has trained pool professionals who can assist you when there is a mishap and can repair your facility within a short time. Within a few minutes your pool can be up and operating again with little or no stress associated with DIY.

8. Pool equipment, A problem with your pool may arise, maybe there are parts that need to be replaced or unique equipments are needed to make repairs. If you repair your own pool, you might complicate the problem. On the other hand if you hire us, we can easily spot these problems early, repair them and offer any replacements or equipment needed for proper working of your pool.

9. Customized services, One of the benefits of hiring us is that you can call us any time you want. For the perfect results, you should utilize us once or twice a week.

The work of maintaining healthy swimming pool water every day is a tiring and huge endeavor. Even if you don’t use your pool often, unbalanced water chemistry might eventually ruin its equipment and surface. Due to this, it is vital to hire a professional pool service provider who isn’t only technically skillful with water balance but also very dependable. Our clients come first and we take lots of pride in the services as well as conveniences we offer our customers.

 Cash rebate available to residents with old pool equipment

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